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Are you currently facing any of the following challenges?

Shopify is the world's most widely used e-commerce platform and is easy to set up. However, typical challenges arise as it grows.

Problems with agencies

You have had bad experiences with agencies that had little know-how, even though everything sounded great in the acquisition talks.

Poor sales rate

The conversion rate in your Shopify store is low, making it almost impossible to run profitable advertising campaigns.

Lack of visibility

Your Shopify store is little or not at all search engine optimized. The result is poor rankings on Google & Co.

Technical problems

You are constantly struggling with technical problems that you cannot solve yourself due to a lack of programming knowledge.

Inaccurate tracking

Your tracking setup with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Co. does not work or is inaccurate, which makes efficient advertising impossible.


You find it difficult to expand because the topic is complex and you don't have anyone with experience on your team.

We turn your Shopify online store into a sales machine.

Operating a professional online store is becoming increasingly complex. As a specialized Shopify agency, we have developed a holistic concept with which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can easily master the challenges of e-commerce.

Shopify agency with a full-service approach

For an online store to develop its full potential, all sub-areas, such as strategy, technical implementation and online marketing, must work. With our integrated concept as a Shopify agency, we offer all building blocks from a single source.

We create the optimal structure with intuitive user guidance and turn your wishes into reality.
Through continuous optimization, we ensure that Shopify Shop is and remains extremely strong in sales.
With search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising, we ensure more sales and higher profitability in the shortest possible time.
Shopify agency

Certified Shopify agency

With more than 15 years of experience, we have specialized in Shopify online stores for SMEs.

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Case studies from our clients

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The new online store was one of the first ever Shopify stores to be developed using Shopify Markets. Shopify Markets enables global alignment, so perfectly tailored user interfaces can be provided for different markets beyond simple translation. Additionally, in addition to a multi-language and multi-currency capability, it is possible to manage shipping rates, taxes, customs tariffs, and responsible fulfillment centers in a straightforward manner.

were launched simultaneously
4 markets
from project start to completion
6 weeks
Nordflair Ecommerce website
Nordflair logo

A Shopify store was set up for the completely newly developed Nordflair brand. Google Ads including YouTube were used for marketing in the German market. Particular emphasis was placed on the sales-optimized user interface and the tracking setup. Despite a lack of brand awareness, it was possible to achieve six-figure monthly sales from the very first month with powerful advertising campaigns.

from project start to launch
5 weeks
Monthly sales from launch

Selected testimonials

"The cooperation with the team is excellent. Professional, friendly, helpful and quick to implement. Highly recommended."
Philipp Hake
orthobiotix GmbH
"Very professional, competent and uncomplicated collaboration!"
Pia Emmert
Continental AG
"Professional, very helpful, out of the box thinking and above all fast and fair. I can only recommend them."
Jens Damm
"Very friendly, helpful and competent. Fast and reliable processing of the order. Highly recommended. Thank you very much for the great support!"
Anette Pörtner
"Highly competent, professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"
Henrik Alfheim
Moccamaster Sales BV
"At Fischer & Habel, customer service and expertise come first. The response is always very prompt and solution-oriented."
Jannika Rieß
medi GmbH & Co. KG

3 steps to a successful Shopify online store

1. Foundation

As a Shopify agency, we develop high-performance online stores that are designed to sell. We avoid gimmicks such as animations and instead focus on clear design based on sales psychology principles. Visitors can easily find their way around and quickly access the information or products they are looking for (intuitive user interface). Own a high-performance, enterprise-level online store that puts you miles ahead of your competitors.

Get your turnkey, highly optimized Shopify store that puts you a big step ahead of your competition.
Easily switch from another store system to Shopify, the world's largest e-commerce platform.
Take your Shopify online store to the next level with a relaunch.
Shopify agency

2. Optimization

Through continuous, proactive optimization, you can be sure that your Shopify store won't leave any money lying around and will always be at the cutting edge of technology.

Get updates from us as a Shopify partner agency before anyone else and benefit from our more than 15 years of practical experience.
UX/UI Design:
We optimize the user interface of your store for an optimal brand/shopping experience, which leads to a higher purchase rate.
A-/B Testing:
As a data-based Shopify agency, we test individual elements of your store in terms of sales and profitability.
Expand into new markets with ease. We take care of the clean technical handling.
Shopify agency

3. Marketing

Turn your Shopify online store into a growth engine for your business with our proven marketing concept. As a specialized Shopify agency for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we know that you can't spend your budget on expensive campaigns that don't deliver results. That's why we rely on extremely efficient measures that pay off immediately.

Shopify SEO:
Achieve more visibility through top rankings for your store and your products on Google & Co.
Paid Ads:
Increase your sales with Google Ads and social media advertising in no time at all.
Email marketing:
Increase the repurchase rate of existing customers with data-based email marketing and thereby increase your profitability.
Shopify agency

About Fischer & Habel GmbH

As a Shopify agency, we specialize in the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tobias Fischer

Tobias Fischer

Tobias Fischer founded his first company at the age of 18. Due to his early passion for digital business models, he developed a premium brand for high-quality Apple accessories, whose products were sold exclusively via an online store and Amazon. He continued to expand the business while studying for his MSc. in General Management (Business Administration) at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen.

Despite his success, he initially wanted to gain valuable experience at a large company. He started his career at the Volkswagen Group. There he worked for brands such as Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini and met his current business partner, with whom he built up a brand for fashion accessories. This was sold to an investor in 2018.

This allowed Tobias to devote himself to his true calling - making hundreds of companies more successful with his own agency and the expertise he has gained from over 15 years of online marketing.

Matthias Habel

Matthias Habel

Matthias Habel acquired all the techniques necessary for the development of corporate strategies during his diploma studies in business administration/business education. During his 10 years at the Volkswagen Group, he developed internal processes and learned the secrets of corporate policy and personnel management.

In 2015, alongside his full-time job, he founded a company for high-quality fashion accessories together with Tobias Fischer. The products were sold via the European Amazon marketplaces and the company's own online store. At the same time, Matthias Habel quit his highly paid managerial job to set up his own agency and pass on his experience to other companies.

With over 100 satisfied customers, millions of managed media budget and tens of thousands of optimized products, Matthias Habel is now a sought-after expert when it comes to selling on Amazon, the world's largest product search engine.

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What is a Shopify agency?
A Shopify agency is a specialized service company that focuses on the creation, design and optimization of online stores on the Shopify platform. Shopify agencies offer expertise in various areas such as web design, e-commerce strategies, digital marketing and technical integrations. They help companies to develop high-performance online stores that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each company. In addition, Shopify agencies help increase sales through search engine optimization (SEO) or paid advertising.
What does a Shopify store agency cost?
The costs for a Shopify agency in Germany vary greatly and depend on various factors, such as the scope of the project, the complexity of the store design, the desired functions and the experience of the agency. Simple projects can cost a few thousand euros, while more extensive and customized solutions can cost significantly more. Additional services, such as ongoing maintenance, SEO optimization, and online advertising also influence the price.
What is the role of a Shopify agency?
The main task of a Shopify agency is to support companies in developing, setting up and optimizing their online store on the Shopify platform. This includes creating an appealing and user-friendly web design, implementing e-commerce features or customizing templates. Furthermore, Shopify agencies often offer additional services such as search engine optimization (SEO), creation of marketing strategies, support with advertising campaigns and analysis of store performance data. Their aim is not only to make the online store visually appealing and functional, but also to increase its visibility and sales figures.
How do you find the right Shopify agency?
Choosing the right Shopify agency requires careful consideration. First of all, you should clearly define your own needs and goals. It is advisable to look for agencies that have experience in your industry or with similar projects. Online reviews, case studies and references can provide information about the quality and reliability of the agency. A face-to-face meeting or inquiry can help to assess the agency's communication skills and understanding of the specific requirements. It is also important that the agency is transparent in terms of costs, working methods and project management. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a combination of trust, expertise and value for money.

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