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As a certified full-service Amazon agency, we take care of Amazon SEO including brand content, manage advertising (PPC) and advise you on all strategic issues.

More sales and profitability

Fewer operational problems and concerns

More time and focus for the core business

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Most small and medium-sized enterprises are neglecting their Amazon business.

Although they know the potential of their products on Amazon, they only have 5- to 6-digit sales per year, with little or no growth. The perception of Amazon as a sales channel is becoming increasingly negative for them overall. Typical problems are:

Lack of time

They don't have time to get to grips with the special features of Amazon and don't know which levers to pull to achieve profitable growth.

Negative agency experience

They have already had bad experiences with agencies or freelancers who have made their previous Amazon results worse rather than better.

Strong competition

They can clearly see that your competitors on Amazon are getting stronger and stronger and that they are increasingly losing out.

Overworked employees

Theier employees are all-rounders and "trouble shooters" who mainly "stick plasters" due to a lack of capacity and knowledge. They feel a high degree of time and professional overload.

Lack of focus

In addition to product development, accounting and HR, they also deal with other sales channels, such as your own online store, other marketplaces or the offline sale of their products.

Employee shortage

The shortage of skilled workers, especially in ecommerce, makes it almost impossible to hire good employees and it is extremely difficult for them to judge which employees are "good" at all.

An external Amazon marketing department can do this for you.

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Due to a lack of time and technical resources, it has not yet been possible to increase brand awareness, sales or profitability on Amazon. In short: the potential of your products has not been fully exploited.

The fact is that any brand that already achieves mid-six-figure annual sales on Amazon without much effort and in-depth specialist knowledge can double its sales within a very short time. However, this requires an experienced sparring partner who is immediately ready for action and can fully manage the Amazon business with proven strategies instead of just looking at sub-areas such as Amazon SEO or Amazon PPC - an external Amazon department.

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Achieve profitable annual sales in the 7 to 8-digit range with our Amazon full-service solution - without having to invest internal resources.

Having worked with countless companies from a wide range of industries, we have developed a holistic 3-step system that covers all areas of the Amazon marketing mix. The individual building blocks accelerate each other and ensure dynamic growth.


Amazon Strategy

A clear Amazon marketing strategy is what most Amazon sellers are missing. Based on our 15 years of practical experience with hundreds of brands and thousands of products, we develop a holistic strategy that is the foundation for all measures and with which you are quantum leaps ahead of your competition.

We analyze your market in detail, including your competitors, and develop an in-depth understanding of your target group.
Based on the results of the analysis, we develop a crystal-clear positioning for your brand and products.
We work with you to develop a fully integrated marketing strategy in which the various measures, such as product optimization or advertising, interlock perfectly.
Amazon Agency - Strategy


Amazon SEO + Enhanced Brand Content

After optimizing thousands of products from a wide range of industries, we know exactly how the Amazon algorithm works. As a certified Amazon SEO agency, we use our proven process to carry out product optimization including images/videos and sales psychology texts to drastically increase the visibility of your products. With exclusive brand content, such as A+ content and our own Amazon Brand Store, we ensure that the purchase rate increases significantly and you can charge higher prices.

Greater brand awareness:
Increased visibility means that more potential customers are aware of your products and brand.
More sales without advertising costs:
Achieve sales without advertising as your products appear on page 1 for relevant search terms.
Premium branding for strong brands:
Set your products clearly apart from the competition and make your brand stand out on Amazon.
Amazon Agency - SEO


Amazon Advertising (PPC)

Amazon Advertising is not only the perfect complement to Amazon SEO, but essential for your success on Amazon. As an award-winning Amazon PPC agency, we implement targeted advertising campaigns that catapult your products to the top of the search results. From keyword research to precise budget management and performance analysis, we take care of the entire process so that your Amazon advertising runs as if on autopilot.

Sales boost:
We ensure a rapid increase in sales - while maintaining profitability, of course.
Brand protection:
The advertising spaces on your product pages or search results pages are continuously protected by us against competitors.
Promotions and sales:
We realize campaigns such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day or seasonal sales on our own responsibility.
Amazon Agency - PPC

Achieve profitable 7- to 8-digit annual sales with your Amazon business.

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For which companies an external Amazon marketing department is suitable

The external Amazon marketing department of Fischer & Habel® is designed for owner-managed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are brands or manufacturers themselves and have problems with profitable growth via Amazon or are convinced that they are not yet using the full potential of their Amazon business.

Your company should fulfill these requirements:

You currently generate at least EUR 250,000 in sales per year via Amazon.

You have your own registered trademark (DPMA or EUIPO).

No or only very few retailers sell their products on Amazon.

You want to increase your sales profitably via Amazon as quickly as possible.

Your products have a margin that leaves room for investment.

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Case studies from our clients

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Industry: Fashion

Client for 5 years


Amazon advertising (PPC) made a strong contribution to sales growth and was also an important component in acquiring new customers. However, the margin was reduced too much due to advertising costs.


By extending sponsored brand campaigns to the new video ad format, the aim was to achieve a significant increase in visibility and brand awareness on search results pages and product detail pages.


Which video format worked better was tested and analyzed in detail. The winner was a 15-second slideshow. The length of the video and the focus on the most important unique selling points were decisive factors. This further increased the efficiency of Amazon advertising.

MySweetStitch logo

Industry: Health & Personal Care

Client for 2 years


The fixing plaster from MySweetStitch was imitated on the German Amazon marketplace in inferior quality and poor functionality.


It was therefore important to clearly communicate the brand's characteristics and core message in the enhanced brand content in order to differentiate the product from the competition.


Based on previous advertising material, a design system was developed that emphasizes the core aspect of the fixation plasters, "safety", and is perfectly tailored to the target group. The premium branding on Amazon led to increased brand awareness with a higher purchase rate.

Seilflechter logo

Industry: Sports & Outdoors

Client for 3 years


The Seilflechter brand was only active on the German Amazon marketplace, although the products are successfully sold throughout Europe via the retail business.


As part of an expansion strategy, selected products were to be launched on the European Amazon marketplaces. No additional employees were to be hired.


Fully optimized product detail pages were created for the European Amazon marketplaces. In order to increase findability and click-through rates, variant relationships were created and reviews were synchronized across countries in accordance with Amazon guidelines. The country-specific keywords were processed in the texts by native speakers.

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Selected testimonials

"Fischer & Habel combines creativity with a data-driven approach and has been a trusted partner for more than 3 years, sustainably driving our Amazon business forward."
Eike Scheibenhofer
Eike Scheibenhofer
medi GmbH & Co. KG
"Fischer & Habel supports us very successfully on all European Amazon marketplaces. The team works dynamically and finds the right solution for every challenge."
Antonio Vivenzio
Antonio Vivenzio
Italvi s.r.l.
"F&H manages our entire European Amazon business. The Amazon Marketplaces are now one of our strongest sales channels and continue to grow."
Matthias Schulz
Matthias Schulz
medi GmbH & Co. KG

The future of your Amazon sales

Continue with a stagnant, time-consuming Amazon business or sit back and rely on an external Amazon marketing department?

Without an external Amazon marketing dept

  • Stagnating sales and weak profitability

  • Wrong decisions due to a lack of expertise

  • Fluctuation and complicated employee search

  • New stand-alone solutions in use again and again

  • A lot of time, frustration and stress

With external Amazon marketing dept from Fischer & Habel®

  • Rapid sales growth and increasing profitability

  • Crystal clear focus on the core business

  • Exploiting the unused potential

  • Holistic solution with a central point of contact

  • Top experts at your side to proactively advise you 

Free of charge

Without obligation

About Fischer & Habel GmbH

As an Amazon agency, we specialize in the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the DACH region.

Tobias Fischer

Tobias Fischer

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tobias Fischer founded his first company at the age of 18. Due to his early passion for digital business models, he developed a premium brand for high-quality Apple accessories, whose products were sold exclusively via an online store and Amazon. He continued to expand the business while studying for his MSc. in General Management (Business Administration) at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen.

Despite his success, he initially wanted to gain valuable experience at a large company. He started his career at the Volkswagen Group. There he worked for brands such as Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini and met his current business partner, with whom he built up a brand for fashion accessories. This was sold to an investor in 2018.

This allowed Tobias Fischer to dedicate himself to his true calling - making hundreds of companies more successful with his own agency and the expertise he has gained from over 15 years of online marketing.

Matthias Habel

Matthias Habel

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Matthias Habel acquired all the techniques necessary for the development of corporate strategies during his diploma studies in business administration/business education. During his 10 years at the Volkswagen Group, he developed internal processes and learned the secrets of corporate policy and personnel management.

In 2015, alongside his full-time job, he founded a company for high-quality fashion accessories together with Tobias Fischer. The products were sold via the European Amazon marketplaces and the company's own online store. At the same time, Matthias Habel quit his highly paid managerial job to set up his own agency and pass on his experience to other companies.

With over 100 satisfied customers, millions of managed media budget and tens of thousands of optimized products, Matthias Habel is now a sought-after expert when it comes to selling on Amazon, the world's largest product search engine.

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