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As an agency for Amazon, we increase brand awareness, sales and profits of manufacturers and brands so that they can fully focus on their core business.

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Are you currently facing any of the following challenges?

You have the feeling that the Amazon advertising ecosystem is getting more and more complicated and you can no longer keep up with the rapid development.

Increasing complexity

You have the feeling that the Amazon advertising ecosystem is getting more and more complicated and you can no longer keep up with the rapid development.

Problems with agencies

You have had bad experiences with Amazon agencies that had little know-how, even though everything sounded great in the acquisition talks.

Rising advertising costs

The constantly rising click costs (CPC) in Amazon advertising due to increasing competition are a serious threat to your profits.

High ranking losses

Former best sellers of your company seemingly crash out of nowhere in ranking and sales.

Strong competition

You have the feeling that your competitors on Amazon are getting stronger and that you are losing out more and more.

No data-based decisions

You still optimize your product detail pages not data-driven but according to your own feeling.

Our concept

Amazon marketing is becoming increasingly complex and can be overwhelming. We have developed a holistic concept that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to easily overcome the challenges of selling on Amazon.

The flywheel system

Our tried-and-tested system is based on Jeff Bezos' flywheel approach. This describes how the Amazon platform was designed and according to which mechanisms or rules it functions. We combine the various Amazon marketing instruments according to a method that has been proven over many years and thereby generate a so-called flywheel effect, which leads to strong sales growth in a short time.

Amazon SEO:
The increased visibility ensures more visitors to your product pages and more sales without advertising costs.
Amazon PPC:
Paid advertising generates a sales boost, which in turn leads to better placement in search results.
A+ Content:
Enhanced branded content leads to a higher purchase rate, so sales continue to increase and advertising becomes more efficient.
Amazon Brand Store:
Your own brand world serves as a landing page for advertising campaigns and enhances the shopping experience.
Amazon Flywheel

Certified partner

We have received several awards from Amazon for our performance on the world's largest online marketplace.

  • Amazon Ads
  • Amazon SPN
  • Amazon Ads Foundations
  • Amazon Retail for Advertisers

Case studies from our clients

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By expanding sponsored brand campaigns to the new video ad format, a significant increase in visibility and brand awareness on search results pages as well as product detail pages should be achieved. Which video format performed better was tested and analyzed in detail. The winner was a 15-second slideshow. The video length and the focus on the most important USPs were decisive for this.

increase in sales compared to previous year
ACoS reduction compared to previous year
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MySweetStitch's fixative patch was imitated on the German Amazon marketplace with inferior quality and poor functionality. Therefore, it was important to clearly communicate the brand's features and core message in the Enhanced Brand Content to differentiate the product from the competition. Based on previous advertising materials, a design system was developed that showcases the core aspect of the fixative plasters, "safety," and is perfectly tailored to the target group.

advertising sales increase in first 10 days
conversion increase
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To prevent competitors from placing Amazon ads, relevant ad formats (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display) and targeting (Keyword Attributed Targeting, Product Attributed Targeting and Category Attributed Targeting) were selected. In addition, product groups were created to take advantage of cross-selling and upselling potential.

advertising sales up on previous month
sales increase compared to previous month

Selected testimonials

“F&H manages our entire European Amazon business. The Amazon Marketplaces are now among our strongest sales channels and are still growing.”
Matthias Schulz
medi GmbH & Co. KG
“We have entrusted Fischer & Habel with the complete creation of our Amazon Seller Account. Since the first meeting, we feel in good hands in every respect. The conversation between the employees at Fischer & Habel and Seilflechter is always friendly, competent and constructive.”
Stefan Schulz
Seilflechter Tauwerk GmbH
“Great support and a quick grasp of how exactly which product needs to be advertised so that it performs optimally on Amazon. Short communication channels and quick responses. Highly recommended every day for a year!”
Manuel Weber
WebaVita GmbH
“We got to know Fischer and Habel during a presentation at the Marketing Club Braunschweig. The agency gave us the impulse for an Amazon store and then also set it up for us and supported us in marketing with campaign management. Friendly and good cooperation, quick response times, very cooperative as well as fair. Even today, Fischer und Habel is still happy to answer any questions. Always happy to do business with us again!”
Uwe Bergmaier
“I can only report good things. As far as Amazon is concerned, I don't know any agency that has more up its sleeve. In addition, there is a high level of helpfulness and very nice people to talk to. It's fun to work with them. Thank you!”
Clemens Böcker
ASOB, Akademie für Steuern, Organisation und Beratung GmbH
“F&H supports us very successfully on all European Amazon marketplaces. The team works dynamically and finds the right solution for every challenge.”
Antonio Vivenzio
CEO, Italvi s.r.l.

4 elementary areas for success on Amazon

The following 4 fundamental areas of Amazon marketing are essential to achieving revenue growth on the world's largest marketplace and being profitable in the process.

Amazon SEO

After optimizing thousands of products across a wide range of industries, we know exactly how Amazon Alghoritmus (A9) works. Following a proven process, our Amazon professionals perform AI-based optimization of product titles, features, descriptions, and backend keywords to give your products the best possible visibility. In the next step, product photos and videos are optimized and sales psychology texts are created to significantly increase the ratio of page visitors to buyers (conversion rate).

Higher brand awareness:
Due to the increasing visibility, more potential customers perceive your products and brand.
More sales without advertising costs:
Achieve sales without advertising as your products appear on page 1 for relevant keywords.
Easy internationalization:
Expand faster with country-specific keyword analysis and product copy created by native speakers.
Amazon SEO agency

Amazon PPC

Amazon Ads are not only the perfect complement to Amazon SEO, but have become essential for success on Amazon. Our certified PPC specialists implement targeted advertising campaigns with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and DSP formats that catapult your products to the top. From keyword research to precise budget management and performance analysis, we handle the entire process so that your Amazon advertising runs as if on autopilot.

Sales boost:
Dynamic sales growth while adhering to budget and margin targets
Promotions and sales:
Realization of promotions, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day or seasonal sales
Brand protection:
Securing advertising space on your product pages or search results pages related to your brand
Amazon PPC agency

A+ Content

Present your products with appealing and informative descriptions, high-quality images, comparison tables or suitable content marketing. Your products will become eye-catchers and clearly stand out from the competition. Our specialists create customized A+ content solutions that optimally present your brand and products, win the trust of potential customers and boost your sales.

Professional branding for strong brands:
Set your products apart from the competition let your brand stand out on Amazon.
Storytelling for more sales:
Emotional product and brand stories ensure a significantly higher purchase rate.
Fewer returns:
Enhanced information ensures greater product understanding and reduces the rate of returns.
Amazon A+ Content

Amazon Brand Store

Put your brand front and center on Amazon and deliver an immersive shopping experience. Our team develops a customized Amazon brand store that skillfully showcases your products and brand story. Potential customers can get inspired and build a strong bond with your brand. With user-friendly navigation and customized content, we create a unique shopping world that is perfect as a target for advertising campaigns, such as Sponsored Brands ads.

Improvement of the shopping experience:
Offer your customers a brand experience that is otherwise only known from online stores.
Increased brand perception:
Use your own Amazon Brand Store for intensive brand communication that stays in your head.
Target page for advertising campaigns:
Increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns by using specific category pages as landing pages.
Amazon Brand Store


What is an agency for Amazon?
An Amazon agency is a service provider that specializes in Amazon Marketplaces, the No. 1 product search engine. This includes core services such as consulting, content optimization, Amazon SEO, advertising via PPC campaigns or account management. As the marketplace has become increasingly relevant in recent years, the number of agencies for Amazon has also increased significantly. This has also made agency selection more difficult. Customers include Amazon sellers and vendors, who are mostly manufacturers or brands.
What does a marketing agency do for Amazon?
There are various definitions for the topic of marketing. If one assumes that marketing is the overall control of a company from the market, it also becomes clear what the task of a marketing agency for Amazon is. First and foremost, the marketing strategy of a company is implemented on the Amazon marketplaces. Classically, the 4P of the marketing mix (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) are taken into account and implemented accordingly. Marketing for Amazon is a component of online marketing.
What is the task of an optimization agency for Amazon?
An optimization agency for Amazon takes over the holistic optimization on the world's largest marketplace. This includes above all content and conversion optimization as well as the comprehensive optimization of advertising measures. In contrast to a marketing agency for Amazon, strategic topics such as pricing, internationalization or sales model considerations (sellers vs. vendors) are not usually taken into account. Rather, the focus is on increasing visibility, conversion rate and ranking.
How to find the right agency for Amazon?
Since there are a large number of agencies for Amazon on the market, it is now possible to find the right partner for every size of company and every type of requirement. On the basis of a search, usually via Google, one can select some agencies that fit at first glance. In the initial discussions, one often quickly finds out whether the agency for Amazon can meet the individual requirements and also fits on a personal level. Only in this way can a cooperation be successful. Particularly with agencies for Amazon, care should be taken that there is a personal contact person who manages the project and has experience with the corresponding sales model (seller vs. vendor).

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