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As a full-service Amazon agency, we support you not only with strategic consulting, but also with all operational issues - from SEO, SEA (PPC) and FBA to holistic account management.

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Our Approach

As e-commerce experts, we take a holistic view of Amazon marketing, from keyword analysis to content creation and Amazon SEO to the management of Amazon advertising. As a top service provider, we offer our customers support that leaves nothing to be desired. Through a close, cooperative partnership, we ensure greater success on Amazon, the largest marketplace in the world.

About Amazon Marketplace

Amazon has been an important part of e-commerce marketing for years. Amazon is particularly well suited for attracting new customers and therefore plays an important role in omni-channel sales.

Why is Amazon important as an online marketplace?

Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace, with over 200 million active users. The company has revolutionized the way we shop by giving us access to millions of products at the click of a mouse. Amazon enables companies or brands to reach a global audience. In addition, Amazon offers a variety of benefits to its customers, such as free shipping on many items, Prime membership for free shipping in two days, and a convenient return policy. As a result, Amazon is a major player in e-commerce and has significantly influenced the way we shop. Since Amazon is one of the most important, if not the most important, marketplace in the world, every company or brand should have an Amazon strategy. Aspects such as content alignment or SEO strategy should be included in it and professionally implemented.

What is Amazon marketing?

Amazon marketing is the use of Amazon to market and sell products. As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon offers retailers, manufacturers and brands the chance to reach a wide audience of potential customers. However, to be successful on Amazon, it is not enough to simply offer products for sale. Rather, companies must implement numerous measures that are collectively referred to as Amazon marketing. These include, for example, the development of the (brand) strategy, content optimization, Amazon SEO and the management of PPC campaigns or Amazon Advertising. Amazon marketing is part of e-commerce or online marketing. If this discipline is given the necessary attention and the measures are implemented, companies can get the most out of the powerful sales platform.

Amazon Services at a Glance

As an Amazon full service agency, we take on all tasks required for success on Amazon - for both sellers and vendors.

Icon consulting


As a consulting and agency hybrid, we provide online marketplaces consulting based on aggregated information from collected data as a basis for developing a marketing strategy specifically for Amazon.

Icon market analyses

Market Analyses

We conduct data-driven potential and competition analyses on Amazon or for other online marketplaces. In doing so, we bring in our cross-industry experience as an Amazon agency and let it flow into the strategy.

Icon coaching


As an Amazon agency, we pass on our knowledge and conduct seminars and workshops for our customers - both on site and remotely. This includes topics such as article upload, increasing visibility and orders (Amazon SEO) or the control of PPC campaigns and advertising.

Icon sales model consideration

Sales Model Consideration

Our clients are often faced with the decision of whether to sell as Seller or Vendor on Amazon. As an Amazon agency, we support you with the decision and also offer hybrid solutions, where you sell as both seller and vendor.

Icon Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO

As an Amazon SEO agency, ranking optimization is part of the core of our work, so that a product is found by (potential) customers in the search results on page 1 and you thus achieve your goals in terms of increasing sales as well as brand awareness, without any advertising costs.

Icon content optimization

Content Optimization

As an Amazon marketing agency, we offer support in the creation of qualitative content for a first-class Amazon presence and effective SEO. This includes content such as A+ content or the development of an Amazon Brand Store. Here, our experts perform conversion optimization as standard.

Icon Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

As an Amazon Ads agency, we specialize in Amazon Advertising and the setup and management of PPC campaigns. In the first conversation with our customers, we define goals, develop powerful ads and manage them in the long term.

Icon Amazon operations

Amazon Operations

Our experts carry out audits to check the account key figures, offer support or help with any problems that arise and initiate the necessary measures. In addition, as part of our Amazon Business Management, all processes necessary for selling on Amazon are handled by us as an Amazon Full Service Agency - even for multiple brands.

Icon reporting


Our support includes meaningful reports in which you receive all relevant information about the performance (SEO, advertising, etc.) of your account. Monitoring is an important area of Amazon Account Management, as any further optimization is derived from it.

Icon internationalization


With our know-how, we support you in entering the market in new countries that are relevant for you. If desired, we also take over the marketing, operational tasks as well as the communication to Amazon in cooperation.

Icon Amazon account management

Amazon account management

As a full-service provider among Amazon agencies, we offer all services, such as content creation, SEO, FBA or advertising from a single source, with a central contact person who will develop your account with you.

Icon Setup Amazon Seller Account

Setup Amazon Seller Account

With our experience as an agency and direct contacts to Amazon, we ensure a fast, uncomplicated registration of your Amazon Seller Account. This is the fastest way to get your seller account and generate sales directly.

Icon Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry

We register your own brands with Amazon in just a few steps, so you can use formats such as A+ content, an Amazon Brand Store or Sponsored Brands advertising.

Icon legal texts

Legal texts

Through our agency partners Händlerbund and IT-Recht Kanzlei München and their services, we generate international legal texts especially suited for Amazon and store them in your seller account.

Icon billing


As an Amazon full service agency, we can help you implement software to automate the creation of invoices with -upload or -send via email to reduce manual work to a minimum.

Icon Amazon communication

Amazon communication

We handle all communication with Amazon. In cooperation with Amazon Seller Service and Brand Support, we solve problems that arise in day-to-day business and take action against merchants who misuse your brand or products.

Icon warehouse management

Warehouse management

As a full-service agency, we keep track of your FBA inventory at Amazon Fulfillment Centers (AFC) to avoid selling out of products (out of stock) or incurring high storage fees - following the lean logistics approach.

Icon repricing


We work with automated price adjustments so that your brand's products win the buy box as often as possible and achieve the best possible contribution margins. In doing so, we control the price algorithm and move within a price corridor defined together with you.

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Why Fischer & Habel

As an Amazon agency, we ensure better rankings, more visibility, higher sales and overall faster growth. Our online marketing and e-commerce experts use their knowledge for your success on Amazon.

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What is an Amazon Agency?
An Amazon agency is a service provider that specializes in Amazon Marketplaces, the No. 1 product search engine. This includes core services such as consulting, content optimization, Amazon SEO, advertising via PPC campaigns or account management. Since the marketplace has become increasingly relevant in recent years, the number of Amazon agencies has also risen significantly. Thus, the agency selection is also more difficult. Clients include Amazon sellers and vendors, which are mostly manufacturers or brands.
What does an Amazon agency do?
An Amazon agency is an e-commerce marketing agency with a focus on Amazon. Accordingly, the tasks of an Amazon agency include Amazon consulting, strategy development, content creation, Amazon SEO, Amazon advertising or the management of campaigns and the holistic support of brands or their products. As e-commerce service providers with a special focus on Amazon, Amazon agencies bring great added value in the cooperation with manufacturers and brands.
What is the job of an Amazon marketing agency?
There are various definitions for the topic of marketing. If one assumes that marketing is the overall control of a company from the market, it also becomes clear what task an Amazon marketing agency has. First and foremost, the marketing strategy of a company is translated to the Amazon marketplaces. Here, the 4P of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, price) are classically considered and implemented accordingly. Amazon marketing is a component of online marketing.
What is the task of an Amazon optimization agency?
An Amazon optimization agency takes over the holistic optimization on the largest marketplace worldwide. This includes above all content and conversion optimization as well as the comprehensive optimization of Amazon advertising measures. In contrast to an Amazon marketing agency, strategic topics such as pricing, internationalization or sales model considerations (sellers vs. vendors) are usually not considered. Rather, it is about increasing visibility, conversion rate and ranking.
How to find the right Amazon agency?
Since there are a large number of Amazon agencies on the market, the right partner can now be found for every company size and every type of requirement. On the basis of a search, usually via Google, you can select some agencies that are suitable at first glance. In the initial discussions, one often quickly finds out whether the Amazon agency can meet the individual requirements and also fits on a personal level. Only in this way can a cooperation be successful. In particular, Amazon agencies should ensure that there is a personal contact person who manages the project and has experience in the corresponding sales model (seller vs. vendor).
What does Amazon full service support include?
A complete service includes holistic solutions from Amazon agencies to increase visibility and sales on Amazon. This includes tasks such as market analyses for selected products, the development of a strategy, general consulting, optimization of rankings through Amazon SEO, conversion and content optimization, the management of PPC campaigns or logistics in relation to Amazon FBA. The primary goals are to increase brand awareness and sales. An Amazon Full Service Agency bundles the services of various service providers, such as an Amazon SEO agency or an Amazon Ads agency, into a holistic support.
What are the advantages of an Amazon agency?
More and more sub-disciplines have emerged at Amazon in recent years. These include, for example, Amazon SEO, Amazon Advertising with an increasing number of advertising formats, A+ Content, Amazon Brand Stores or Amazon Business. To sell successfully, brands should use as many marketing tools as possible. All measures mesh with each other - similar to a flywheel, so that with intelligent use of all available marketing tools, rapid growth is possible. With its knowledge and focus on Amazon, an Amazon agency offers all the necessary services from a single source, in contrast to a pure Amazon SEO agency, and accompanies companies on their way to becoming successful Amazon sellers.
What does an Amazon agency cost?
There are numerous compensation models at Amazon agencies. Every serious model is ultimately based on the effort involved. First of all, this can be estimated on the basis of the sales volume or the number of products. Other criteria are the number of international marketplaces on which the company is active, the complexity of the products, the degree of automation or the number of campaigns or the size of the advertising budget used. In addition, the sales model also plays a role. Cooperation with a seller and a vendor can differ greatly in terms of scope. The cost also depends on whether all the services of an agency are called upon or only selected services such as content creation, SEO or advertising are part of the collaboration. Since the factors mentioned can change, it is important to pay attention to an agile working method with a flexible remuneration model when choosing an Amazon agency.
What distinguishes a good Amazon agency?
A good Amazon agency has a strong focus on specialists with several years of experience and cross-industry knowledge of various items and is always up to date in the seller and vendor program. This is particularly important in order to have seen many challenges and their solutions in practice on the one hand, and on the other hand not to lose touch in today's fast-moving times with an increasingly competitive environment. Furthermore, agencies should be able to prove their expertise through certifications, such as membership in the Amazon Service Provider Network or Amazon Ads Certifications, and a personal contact should be available at all times during the collaboration.

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