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SEO and AI

AI-powered SEO - What you need to know

Rank high in search results with search engine optimization (SEO) and artificial intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence has seen tremendous development in recent years and is being used more and more in different industries. How you can work more precisely today with AI-powered SEO, analyze your data faster and improve the ranking of your website in search engines, such as Google, you can read in the following blog article.

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Social Media Trends 2023

The 10 Most Relevant Social Media Trends in 2023

The year 2023 promises a lot of growth potential on social media. Virtual shopping experiences, AI-powered marketing, etc. - If you don't keep up with the fast-moving social media, you risk losing out. The following trends show what really matters this year.

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Amazon Inspire

Amazon Inspire - Ecommerce meets Social Media

Amazon is launching a TikTok-inspired social commerce shopping feed in the US in December 2022. The e-commerce giant is thus revolutionizing its digital shopping experience and turning the tables on the well-known social media platforms.

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Shopify fulfillment

Fulfillment for Shopify Stores

For online shoppers short shipping times and low-cost shipping are becoming highly important when making purchasing decisions. In order to match competing shipping offers of big e-commerce players such as Amazon they are increasingly cooperating with specialized shipping service providers as a part of Shopify fulfillment.

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content and ai

How content and AI complement each other

The importance of content marketing is constantly increasing. As early as 2017, 91% of companies stated that they rely on content marketing (Content Marketing Institute 2017, Content Management & Strategy Survey). Since then, the topic has experienced another major push.

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amazon transparency

Amazon Transparency - With transparency against counterfeiting

Amazon is the largest online mail order company in the world. In Germany alone, there are over 55,000 active retailers (as of 2016). These offer more than 229 million products in over 35 main categories on the German market.

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Product liability in e-commerce

Product liability in e-commerce

Anyone who makes a mistake must - as a rule - bear the consequences. In online commerce, this principle is illustrated by the warranty, for example: If a retailer sells a product that has a defect at the time it is handed over to the buyer, which then becomes apparent later, the retailer may have to rectify the defect.

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amazon consulting seller vendor

Seller vs. Vendor - Amazon consulting

With the Seller and Vendor programs, Amazon offers sellers two ways to distribute goods using the world's largest product search engine.

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container ship

Selling on Amazon - worldwide

Selling on Amazon and the associated international expansion opportunities are becoming increasingly interesting for many sellers. But how important is Amazon today and which global marketplaces are currently available?

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Amazon strategy

Amazon Strategy - Change as an Opportunity

It is well known that man is a creature of habit. Changes are usually associated with negative aspects, as they bring with them uncertainty about the future. It is therefore hardly surprising that many people are skeptical about change.

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