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With a vision of applying medical compression technology to sports products, the sports brand has developed high-tech sportswear with compression to enhance performance and recovery. Over 65 years of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality compression products and partner of top athletes and sports physicians go into every single product. With the goal of offering intelligent sportswear for every athlete, perfectly combining performance and health, the CEP sports brand stands for a good feeling after a workout or competition.


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Increase the visibility of the product portfolio and raise brand awareness

Improved organic ranking of products through traffic increase

Reduction of ACoS through optimization of relevant keyword sets


With the goal of increasing the visibility of the products and the brand awareness on the German Amazon marketplace, a comprehensive Amazon marketing strategy was to be developed and implemented for the sports brand CEP on amazon.de. The setup and management of the Amazon Ads advertising campaigns was preceded by Amazon SEO optimization and the creation of an Amazon Brand Store.


As an Amazon Ads agency, we took over the setup and management of Amazon Advertising campaigns as part of the account management of the sports brand CEP. Based on a comprehensive keyword analysis, product-specific sponsored products and sponsored brands advertising campaigns were created for all products in the form of PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click).

We ensure constant optimization of the keyword sets by regularly evaluating and analyzing the campaigns. The evaluations provide information about which keywords are searched for and have led to a purchase. This enables us to identify new relevant keywords and add them to the respective keyword sets.

By integrating a bid management tool, our customers are one step ahead of the competition. The tool monitors and adjusts campaign daily budgets in real time. The dynamic shifting of the budget to individual campaigns allows on the one hand to react quickly to the competition and on the other hand to achieve the best possible ROI.

To increase the visibility of the products, campaigns of the most established advertising format on Amazon - Sponsored Products - were created. These are primarily displayed above the organic search results on the search results page. The sponsored products can only be distinguished from the organic search results by the discreet note "Sponsored" above the product title. In this way, customers hardly perceive the prominently placed products as advertising.

Since in this case the entire product portfolio was to be advertised, we as an Amazon Ads agency developed an extensive campaign structure based on a comprehensive keyword analysis. Thus, product-specific and purpose-oriented campaigns were created and associated ad groups were defined. Accordingly, the Amazon PPC alignment took place on keyword level. In addition to the classic product-specific campaigns, the ad format was also used for sales and in conjunction with coupons.

Since the combination of paid traffic and optimized content increases the conversion rate and thus boosts the performance of the products, the advertising format is not only ideal for increasing the visibility of the products in the short term, but also improves the organic ranking of the products in the long term.

Sponsored Brands advertising campaigns were used to increase brand exposure. This advertising format is display advertising including the brand logo, a slogan and three highlighted articles. In particular, the prominent placement above the actual search results helps to increase brand awareness.

Display advertising, in conjunction with a brand store, is particularly suitable for directing visitors to one's own brand store. Accordingly, as an Amazon Ads agency, we have developed suitable Sponsored Brands campaigns along the customer journey. In coordination with CEP's marketing team, target group-specific slogans in brand wording were developed for each Sponsored Brands campaign. The three highlighted items were selected to match the keyword alignment based on performance and customer rating.

In conjunction with the previously developed structure of the Amazon Brand Store, keyword-specific Sponsored Brands advertising campaigns were created that redirect the customer to a topic-related landing page of the brand store corresponding to the keyword. In order to direct the customer as precisely and purposefully as possible to individual pages of the Amazon Brand Store and thus guarantee the customer the best possible shopping experience without detours and simplify the decision-making process, an extensive keyword analysis is required. Effort that pays off, because this customer-oriented approach not only brings brand awareness, but also a significantly lower bounce rate.

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