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With top rankings on Google to more new customers without paid advertising

Increase with us as SEO agency step-by-step the visibility or awareness of your company and thus provide for plannable more website / online store visitors - without investing money in advertising or internal capacity.

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Do you know the following challenges?

Every day, potential customers search for your offer on Google. To take advantage of this gigantic potential and ensure that your company appears on page 1, professional search engine optimization (SEO) is indispensable.

Your company is little to not visible in Google's search results. Your competition, on the other hand, is right at the front.

You don't manage to get visitors from your target group to your website or online shop without advertising costs.

With your previous agency, there was little progress. There were no measurable results to justify your investment.

You have no clear SEO strategy. Your search engine optimization is done more or haphazardly and without a clear goal.

Your company lacks SEO-specific knowledge, especially when it comes to technical search engine optimization.

They can't keep up with the latest developments in search engine optimization and are worried about losing out.

You know how important SEO is, but you simply don't have the time to seriously and thoroughly deal with the topic.

Your acquisition on the Internet works randomly and you do not have an online sales force that can be planned for new customers.

Your website or online store has recently significantly worsened in the ranking, but you do not know what exactly is the reason.

In 3 steps to long-term SEO success

Master the following 3 fundamental areas of search engine optimization to achieve top rankings on Google and stay ahead of your competition.

1. Foundation

For a website or online store to even be able to achieve top rankings in search results, a strong foundation is essential. Our SEO specialists perform a comprehensive SEO audit at the beginning. The result is a clear catalog of measures that we work through together step-by-step. At the same time, a concept is created with which you have the perfect starting point for your SEO success.

Superior technical SEO:
We identify and eliminate errors that you probably weren't even aware of and create search engine friendly meta titles and descriptions.
Comprehensive keyword analysis:
We analyze the queries or keywords that potential customers enter on Google in terms of search volume and search intent.
Perfect fit concept:
Based on the keyword analysis, the optimal structure (sitemap) for a website or online store is created. At the same time, relevant content for your target group is determined.
SEO foundation

2. High quality content

The goal of the Google algorithm is to show users the best results for their query. In order to be at the top of the ranking, a website or online store must therefore fit the search intention as well as possible and offer the right solution or the right product. Fundamental for this are contents that are convincing and perfectly fit your target group.

Sales psychology texts:
Our copywriters create sales-boosting copy that leads to more inquiries for your service or product sales.
Integration of relevant keywords:
In headings and paragraphs, we selectively insert keywords to increase the relevance of your pages.
Optimized images and videos:
We optimize images according to Google criteria in terms of format, size and alt tags (alternative descriptions).
SEO content

3. Qualitative link building

We help you build step-by-step backlinks from other websites to signal to Google that your website or online store is credible, well-known and relevant. High quality link sources provide an extra boost in search result rankings.

Through qualitative backlinks you will be perceived by Google as a leading provider.
Ranking boost:
All pages of your website or online store will achieve better rankings in search results with a good backlink profile.
SEO link building

Selected testimonials

“The friendly team of Fischer & Habel is always competent and helpful. Thank you for the professional support!”
Monique Hofmann
NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH
“Thank you very much for great support! I was helped immediately, someone was available immediately and my problem was solved. Extremely friendly and very competent service. I am more than satisfied and will recommend you!”
Jasmin Saric
C&M Holzwaren UG
“Very good and professional agency! Over several years of cooperation, the Fischer & Habel team could help us with many projects and some hurdles. We would like to emphasize the super mediation of know-how and the consulting as well as the answering of the queries!”
Stefan Arnold
yourhealthfit GmbH
“A super competent, reliable and really likeable team. The cooperation was professional and really fun. I would particularly like to emphasize the great helpfulness and patient answering of all questions. Many thanks!”
Anja Sievers
medi GmbH & Co. KG
“The Fischer & Habel team is on its toes. The cooperation works flawlessly. It is fun to work with you. The communication is straightforward, competent and fast.”
Anian Schmitt
Benefitsy GmbH
“The specialists at F&H have taken our business to a new level, resulting in a further significant increase in sales.”
Dominik Czernek
WJD Group GmbH


What is an SEO agency?
An SEO agency is a type of online marketing agency that specializes in improving the visibility and search engine ranking of an (e-commerce) website. As a rule, SEO agencies use a range of online marketing measures to improve the visibility of the website. These include SEO services, such as onpage optimization, link building or content creation. The goal is to improve ranking in search results to get more visitors or customers. SEO is an essential area of online marketing, as a high number of potential customers can be gained through search engines.
What does an SEO agency cost?
The cost of SEO agencies can vary depending on the size and scope of the project. A small project may cost only a few hundred euros, while a larger project may cost several thousand euros. The price also depends on the location and the experience or expertise of the team that carries out the projects. Generally, SEO agencies calculate the quote based on the amount of work required to achieve the desired results. With the help of a contact form, you can inquire with most SEO agencies without obligation and receive a quote or an initial effort estimate.
How to find a good SEO agency?
When looking for a good SEO agency, there are a few things to consider. The first is experience. Make sure the agency has already worked with companies in your industry and knows the latest trends. Second, take a look at the list of clients or references. A good agency will have a mix of large and small clients, which shows that it can tailor its SEO services to the needs of any business. Finally, you should look at case studies. A good SEO agency will be happy to show you examples of their work and the results they have achieved for clients.
How does an SEO agency work?
Any company that wants to be successful online needs to invest in SEO. However, with so many different factors to consider, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start optimizing. This is where an SEO agency comes into play. A good SEO agency will have a team of experienced professionals who are up to date on the latest trends and algorithms. First, the goals and your target audience are determined. Subsequently, an action plan with fields of action is created, which can be worked through successively according to priorities. This is accompanied by constant monitoring to measure the success of the measures and to take countermeasures if necessary. A professional SEO agency works closely and in partnership with the customer's contact person.

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