Operations. Amazon experts support.

With growing sales, the support costs of an Amazon account increase automatically. With professional support from our Amazon experts, you can achieve operational excellence, which is directly reflected in higher sales. We can manage Amazon accounts efficiently and quickly solve problems arising in day-to-day business to prevent loss of sales or account suspensions. We are happy to take on the following operational tasks in consultation with you.

Warehouse Management (FBA)

We monitor your inventory in the Amazon Fulfillment Centers (AFC) to avoid having your products go out of stock and use a lean logistics approach to avoid paying high storage fees.

Review Management

We react immediately to negative reviews or seller feedback by commenting on them, having them removed in the event of a breach of the Amazon guidelines, or converting them into a positive review through good customer service.

First-Level Customer Service

We answer customer inquiries via Amazon Messenger within 24 hours, addressing questions about products, invoices, or complaints. For further issues, we forward inquiries to your customer service team or coordinate our answer with you.

Automatic Price Adjustments

We work with automatic price adjustments so that you win the buy box as often as possible and achieve the best possible contribution margins. We control the price algorithm within a price corridor that we have defined together with you.


We provide monthly KPI-based reporting. We guide you through the numbers and give recommendations for action. You can make the right decisions based on the most important key figures.

Amazon Communication

We take care of all communication with Amazon. In cooperation with Amazon Seller Service and Brand Support, we clarify problems that arise in day-to-day business and take action against retailers who misuse your brand or products.

Do you need operational support?