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Instagram Ads

As an Instagram agency, we play targeted advertising on the third largest social advertising platform. We support you in all topics related to targeting, A/B testing and evaluation.

Instagram ads agency
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Instagram Advertising

Whether B2B or B2C - reach potential customers efficiently with Instagram Ads.


Instagram thrives on emotions, inspiration and stories. It is therefore the ideal advertising platform to tell the story of your brand, products or services and to emotionally engage users.


Instagram as a platform is characterized by creativity and inspiration. We create advertisements that lead to activation with eye-catching images or videos and sophisticated headlines.


Thanks to the Meta Business Manager, a wide range of targeting options can be implemented. From potential new customers to retargeting, we can adapt campaigns to a wide variety of buyer personas.

Advertising format

Whether story, carousel or collection ads, as an Instagram agency we will find the right advertising format for every topic and also successfully implement large campaigns for you.
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