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MEN'S GALA website

A modern, intuitive user interface was developed for the relaunch of the MEN'S GALA men's outfitter website. The website is optimized for the main goal of generating appointment requests and impresses with fast loading times. The content can be edited and expanded independently without any technical knowledge. One of the highlights is the integrated 3D tour of the store.

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from project start to launch
3 Wochen
Sector Select website
Sector Select logo

For the new Plutos - ML Sector Select fund, initiated by Plutos Vermögensverwaltung AG and distributed by Martluther Investment GmbH, a new website was developed with a high-quality, minimalist and modern look. The website has been optimized for all end devices and is uncompromisingly designed for performance. The result is an excellent Lighthouse Score, which is the basis for a good user experience and top rankings in the search results of Google & Co.

Lighthouse Performance Score
from project start to launch
2 weeks
Kaminzentrum Hannover
Kaminzentrum Hannover logo

As part of a complete relaunch of the Kaminzentrum Hannover website, the latest headless technology was used. Employees can independently maintain all content (text, images, videos, links, etc.) in a modern, intuitive content management system. At the same time, any number of new pages can be created using a construction kit of ready-designed components.

more inquiries compared to old website
from project start to launch
6 weeks

The new website was developed according to the headless approach. The content can be intuitively maintained via a modern headless CMS. At the same time, ultra-fast loading times were realized, which are a decisive ranking factor for Google & Co. The user interface (UI) was implemented according to the latest standards for intuitive use. In the process, the components were designed to be sales-optimized.

Lighthouse Performance Score
from project start to launch
4 weeks

Based on the corporate identity (CI), the web design was implemented in the form of individual components that can be flexibly used on the individual pages via content management system (CMS) without programming. At the same time, new pages can be easily created, deleted or edited. The entire content was designed to be multilingual, so that the number of languages can be expanded indefinitely.

Lighthouse Performance Score
from project start to launch
12 weeks

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