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International Amazon listing creation

With almost 40 years of passion for sports and technology, the SIGMA SPORT brand develops innovative products in the fields of cycling, sports and electronics that inspire people and significantly improve the quality of life.

Apr 16, 2021

5 min read


Due to the large number of intermediaries that offer the SIGMA SPORT brand products on the European Amazon marketplaces and have listed them, there is a large number of partially incorrect product representations and content, which we as an Amazon Listing Agency should clean up to optimize the brand presentation.

With the goal of standardizing the visibility of the products and the brand and product presentation on the European Amazon marketplaces, we as an Amazon listing agency were to develop and implement a uniform text and image language for the SIGMA SPORT brand products in the bicycle lighting category. Furthermore, an additional Amazon SEO optimization of the created texts aimed at increasing visibility and traffic.

In order to enhance the shopping and brand experience on the Amazon marketplaces of the EU-5 countries and the Netherlands and thus increase the conversion rate, the SIGMA SPORT brand was to be professionally presented through premium content in the current corporate identity.


The Amazon listing creation was preceded by the setup of a professional Amazon seller account. As an Amazon listing agency, we took on the setup of an Amazon seller account for the SIGMA SPORT brand as part of the international listing creation process, which was to be used to manage the Europe-wide creation of the SEO-optimized listings. 

With the transfer of the trademark ownership of the SIGMA SPORT brand, already registered via the Amazon Brand Registry, to the Amazon Seller Account, the highest writing rights could be obtained, which is the prerequisite for the overwriting of existing content on Amazon product detail pages.

In order to increase the visibility on the one hand and the ranking of products on the other hand, the analysis and deposit of relevant keywords is mandatory. Thus, within the framework of a classic Amazon ranking optimization, product-specific optimized keyword sets were created based on comprehensive software-supported keyword analyses in the national language of each marketplace, which were clustered according to search volume and relevance. For an Amazon listing agency, these keyword sets form the basis for optimizing product detail pages. 

In the next step, the product-specific USP's for customer communication were worked out and keyword-optimized texts in the wording of the brand were created for the German Amazon marketplace. To achieve optimal visibility, the most relevant keywords were processed in the frontend, i.e. on the product detail page, and additional keywords were stored in the backend. The text lengths are adapted to the current specifications of the category-specific Amazon Style Guide. 

For the foreign-language Amazon marketplaces, the German texts were then translated by native speakers, whereby the country-specific keyword sets created in advance were included in the translation, taking into account the cultural search behavior.

Images and infographics were added to the product detail pages with server upload via URL linking. Furthermore, A+ content perfectly tailored to the target group, consisting of USP communication and comparison tables, should help to improve brand presentation and increase conversion rates.

Incorrect or incomplete content created by the intermediaries was thus completely revised by us as Amazon listing agency on the European Amazon marketplaces.


  • Establishment of an Amazon Seller Account for the management and control of the product and brand presentation on the European Amazon marketplaces
  • Increase visibility and traffic by processing relevant keyword sets
  • Improved organic ranking and increased brand awareness through SEO
  • Consistent USP communication in product features (bullet points) and A+ content
  • Conversion optimization through optimized product titles, bullet points and A+ content
  • Complete overhaul of content created by intermediaries and incorrect or incomplete on the European Amazon marketplaces.