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amazon transparency

Amazon Transparency - With transparency against counterfeiting

Amazon is the largest online mail order company in the world. In Germany alone, there are over 55,000 active retailers (as of 2016). These offer more than 229 million products in over 35 main categories on the German market.

4 min read
amazon consulting seller vendor

Seller vs. Vendor - Amazon consulting

With the Seller and Vendor programs, Amazon offers sellers two ways to distribute goods using the world's largest product search engine.

5 min read
container ship

Selling on Amazon - worldwide

Selling on Amazon and the associated international expansion opportunities are becoming increasingly interesting for many sellers. But how important is Amazon today and which global marketplaces are currently available?

3 min read
Amazon strategy

Amazon Strategy - Change as an Opportunity

It is well known that man is a creature of habit. Changes are usually associated with negative aspects, as they bring with them uncertainty about the future. It is therefore hardly surprising that many people are skeptical about change.

3 min read

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