Content. ​Amazon SEO ​service.

​Optimized content is the basis for successful selling on Amazon. As part of Amazon SEO service we increase the visibility of products through targeted Amazon ranking optimization and provide measurable sales increases on the international Amazon marketplaces with conversion-optimized content.

​Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) basically has two goals. ​On the one hand, to be shown on the first search engine results page (SERP) when a customer searches for relevant search terms. By using relevant keywords in your listing, its visibility and thus the organic traffic is increased. ​On the other hand, your sales can be increased through the targeted optimization of the conversion rate. This in turn increases the ranking of your products.

​Traffic Increase

​By including relevant keywords in your listings, your products get ranked for a higher number of search queries and are therefore found more often. This increases their visibility and leads to an increase in organic traffic.

​Conversion Optimization

​The conversion rate depends largely on the quality of the product detail page. The conversion is increased directly through optimized image and video content as well as optimized product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.

​Product Data Upload

​The A9 algorithm requires complete and correct product data to classify a product. ​​This also includes selecting the appropriate category through category management. A professional product catalog ensures a better ranking and prevents logistical problems with FBA shipping.

​Optimized Keyword Sets

​We carry out software-based keyword analyses. The result is comprehensive keyword sets that are clustered by search volume and relevance. The keyword sets form the basis for the optimization of product detail pages.

​Texts that use sales psychology

​When creating text for product details pages, using sales psychology is particularly important. The focus is on the communication of customer benefits and USPs (benefits before features).


​Our texts on foreign-language Amazon marketplaces are created by native speakers. ​We process the country-specific keyword sets taking into account the search behavior in that particular culture.

Amazon SEO agency A+ Content

A+ Content

​A+ Content is an extension of the classic product descriptions and can only be used by brand owners. Pictures, tables, and formatted texts can be used to present products or brands more effectively and comprehensively.

​Brand or founder stories, explanations of the manufacturing process, USP communication, and cross-selling tables are just a few of the options for content creation. There are hardly any limits to creativity.

As part of Amazon SEO service we create enhanced brand content which increases the conversion rate.

Amazon Brand Store

​An Amazon Brand Store is a kind of online shop in the Amazon frame, the use of which is reserved for brand owners. An existing Amazon Brand Registry is a prerequisite for setting up an Amazon brand store. One Amazon Store can be set up for each brand.

​The shop can be accessed via its own URL and can therefore also be controlled with external traffic, e.g. from Google AdWords or Facebook. Themed landing pages can be created for promotions, specials, etc.

​As ​part of Amazon SEO service, we handle brand registrations and implement Amazon brand stores on the international Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon SEO agency Brand Store

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Amazon ranking optimization by Amazon SEO services

The core task of an Amazon SEO agency is the organic Amazon ranking optimization. This means that a product ranks first on the search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords and is therefore more visible. An essential influencing factor besides target group oriented, relevant content is sales. Therefore Amazon SEO also includes conversion optimization.

Tailored content for the target group

We create the right content for your target group and implement relevant keywords in the front and back end. This increases the visibility and thus the brand awareness. By optimizing the customer experience we create a better shopping experience, which results in increased sales.

Increase visibility and sales

The goals of Amazon SEO optimization are to increase visibility and conversion. Based on target group, keyword and content relevance analyses, content is created that ranks product detail pages for relevant search queries on page 1. This increases visibility, which results in a higher number of product detail page visitors. The conversion rate is increased by high-quality media content and sales psychological texts. This leads to higher sales, which in turn is relevant for the ranking. With our Amazon SEO services we optimize holistically, so that all influencing factors are considered.