Professional Amazon consulting agency.

​As Amazon consulting agency, we focus particularly on the development and implementation of the appropriate Amazon strategy for your business. The Amazon marketing strategy must fit seamlessly into the corporate strategy. Seeking advice is extremely important in the run-up to any project in order to avoid costly planning errors. As Amazon consultants for your business, we provide individual and personal advice on such issues as costing, target groups, and customer journeys.

​Market research

In the run-up to a product launch or as part of a step-by-step internationalization, we create competition and potential analyses for Amazon marketplaces around the world. These form the basis for effective marketing on Amazon and serve as an important basis for long-term, strategic decisions.

​Competition analyses

​We analyze your competition on Amazon with regard to their product portfolios, pricing, and brand presentation. We use this data to generate important insights for your marketing strategy.

​Potential analyses

We perform software-based analyses of sales potential on Amazon. The potential of individual products or product groups can be assessed before market entry based on search volume or sales forecast data.

​Project management

​Our certified project managers ensure that your Amazon strategy is implemented smoothly and quickly. As part of the agile project management we offer, we coordinate with all departments involved and ensure compliance with the agreed roadmap.

Do you need strategic support?

Professional Amazon Consulting

A personal and professional Amazon consulting is characterized by theoretical and practical know-how. Business basics, such as calculation, target group definition, pricing, logistics concept or advertising are ideally combined with practical e-commerce knowledge. In particular, many years of practical experience in selling on Amazon is helpful in order to avoid mistakes in advance and to focus on factors that experience has shown to be critical for success.

Development of the Amazon marketing strategy

The core task of an Amazon consultant is to develop an Amazon strategy that fits the e-commerce strategy of a company. The marketing mix consisting of product, place, price and promotion is applied to the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world and thus fits seamlessly into the overall marketing strategy. The individual fields of action and instruments are derived from the Amazon marketing strategy. This creates clarity for the stakeholders and ensures fast, uncomplicated project implementation.

Amazon consulting as an important step before project start

Often a project is started directly due to time pressure without analyzing the market environment and developing an appropriate Amazon marketing strategy. The results are usually low sales figures or negative contribution margins. Consulting makes an important contribution to a profitable, sustainable Amazon business case. With intelligent positioning in the largest marketplace in the world, fast scaling is possible. For this reason, market research should never be dispensed with prior to the start of a project for time reasons.

Consulting for the largest online marketplace

As the largest product search engine in the world, Amazon is an integral part of every e-commerce strategy and has become an indispensable part of multi-channel sales. This makes consulting all the more important when entering the Amazon market or expanding. Especially for large, complex projects, comprehensive, strategic Amazon consulting is indispensable. Professional project management helps with the implementation of Amazon marketing strategies. Agile methods are particularly suitable for digital projects.