Amazon account management.

​As the number of products and transactions increases, handling an Amazon account becomes increasingly complex by the day. It requires more work and greater attention. As a result, the need for a professional Amazon ​account management is growing. We assign you an account manager as a personal contact who will handle all aspects of your account. Your account manager will develop your Amazon business with you and address acute operational problems as they arise. The following service packages are included in Account management:


​​The basis for successful selling on Amazon is optimized content. We are constantly optimizing product detail pages to include A+ content and media uploads as well as Amazon stores including the associated landing pages.


​​The professional setup along the customer journey as well as the control of sponsored products and sponsored brand advertising campaigns over the term are an integral part of account management.

​Warehouse Management (FBA)

We monitor your inventory in the Amazon Fulfillment Centers (AFC) to avoid having your products go out of stock and use a lean logistics approach to avoid paying high storage fees.

​Review Management

​We react immediately to negative reviews or seller feedback by commenting on them, having them removed in the event of a breach of the Amazon guidelines, or converting them into a positive review through good customer service.

​First-Level Customer Service

​We answer customer inquiries via Amazon Messenger within 24 hours, addressing questions about products, invoices, or complaints. For further issues, we forward inquiries to your customer service team or coordinate our answer with you.

​Personal Contact Person

​We provide you with a permanent contact person who serves as your go-to for all operational issues and provides you with strategic advice.

​Agile Project Management

​Our certified project managers use agile methods to implement projects in large organizations in record time. This also includes account setup, the Amazon Brand Registry, and connections to ERP systems or billing tools.

​Amazon Communication

​We take care of all communication with Amazon. In cooperation with Amazon Seller Service and Brand Support, we clarify problems that arise in day-to-day business and take action against retailers who misuse your brand or products.

​Automatic Price Adjustments

​We work with automatic price adjustments so that you win the buy box as often as possible and achieve the best possible contribution margins. We control the price algorithm within a price corridor that we have defined together with you.


​We provide monthly KPI-based reporting. We guide you through the numbers and give recommendations for action. You can make the right decisions based on the most important key figures.


​We can realize short-term sales campaigns via Amazon. We can work with coupons, limited-time discounts, or organize special events for you, such as Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday.

​Would you like to switch your Amazon sales to autopilot?

​Amazon FBA consulting services - intelligent supply chain management

​Using the fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program has enormous advantages. The products are sent to an Amazon fulfillment center of the European Fulfillment Network (EFN) and then sent to end customers. Products shipped through Amazon FBA automatically receive the Prime label and win the buy box. As part of our Amazon account management we take over the entire FBA inventory management with our amazon fba consulting service.

​Holistic Amazon account management - the full-service approach

The main service of an agency for amazon is the holistic account management. This involves taking over all the subtasks involved in sales via the international Amazon marketplaces. The service portfolio of a full service amazon account management ranges from market research and optimization to the operative handling of daily business.

​Outsourcing digital distribution

​Similar to Google SEO and SEA, a new ecosystem of agencies and software providers has emerged around the world's largest product search engine. ​Amazon account management agencies, for example, only offer the optimization of product detail pages. Others have specialized in Amazon advertising. The so-called full service agencies, on the other hand, offer the complete service portfolio holistically. Thus, digital product sales can be completely outsourced via Amazon account management.

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